A different kindof cybersecurity company.

Domain5 is a dedicated group of cybersecurity professionals, techies, and info junkies. We bring our skills and experience from the military, intelligence community, and the forefront of IT and tech to solve the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

We are engineers, information and compliance security officers, mathematicians, cryptographers, technologists, analysts, researchers, linguists, instructors, and operators with decades of real-world-tested expertise across the full spectrum of security, cyber, and computer network operations. We get the threat, so we can combat your cyber risk.


Solving hard cybersecurity problems in complex organizational environments is not only where we excel, it's what we love to do.

Our Approach toCyber, Security, and Risk

Domain5 is dedicated to helping businesses quantify, understand, and manage cyber risk. Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity prioritizes cyber resiliency and operational efficiency. By analyzing every aspect of an organization’s operations and information ecosystem, the Domain5 team of trusted advisors delivers exceptional insight and clear solutions that keep information secure and businesses working at the speed of cyber.

We are committed to a comprehensive, full-spectrum, integrated approach to cyber because we know when it comes to building effective security, everything is connected. Our approach to risk management analyzes and balances all the ways that people, technology, systems, policies, and procedures can impact the security of your business.

Meet theDomain5 Team


Jamie Benoit


Lonny Anderson

Executive Vice President

John Kerr

Senior Vice President, Commercial Services
Christina Majernik

Christina Majernik

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Ryan Miller

Senior Director, Cyber Solutions

Wayne Schmidt

Principal Director, Cyber Operations and Development

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