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Domain5 is a tight-knit team of cybersecurity professionals, risk management strategists, and technical experts from industry, the intelligence community, and the military. We thrive at solving complex cybersecurity problems because of the diversity of thought, background, and perspective that our team brings to bear. We are a tenacious and passionate company that blends our industry expertise with the brain trust of nationally-recognized intelligence experts from FedData, our parent company. Solving hard cybersecurity problems in complex organizational environments is not only where we excel, it's what we love to do.


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Domain5 is always looking for team players ready to bring their knowledge and unique perspectives to the table. Through this lens, we distill several characteristics that we look for in every member of our team.


Resolved to Win

Delivers High-Quality Products

Expert Time Management


Team Player

Quick to Help

Great Interpersonal Skills

Relays Enthusiasm

Great to Work With


Lifelong Learner

Technical Skills


Unique Perspective


Outside of the Box

Takes Initiative

Creative Problem-Solver

Quick Thinker


Virtuous and Trustful

Strong Work Ethic


Trusted by Clients




Keen on Self-Betterment

Excited for New Challenges

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