Domain5 Spotlights in CAMI Cyber Meetup

Domain5 is excited to be one of the spotlight companies in CAMI’s upcoming Cyber Meetup. Christina Majernik, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, will be presenting on Domain5’s advanced cybersecurity capabilities and services at CAMI February MD Cyber Meetup – Cyber Capabilities Exchange. Join us this coming Tuesday, February 27, 2018 in Linthicum, MD to network…

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Domain5 to Present on Cyber Resiliency at CFMA Seminar

Construction & Cyber Resiliency: What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do Domain5 experts, Wayne Schmidt and Christina Majernik, will join Matthew Esworthy, partner at Bowie & Jenson, LLC, and Sharon Sabala, Client Manager at RCM&D, in a conversation on construction and cyber resiliency hosted by the Maryland Chapter of the Construction…

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Domain5 to Speak at Cybersecurity Risk Panel

Cybersecurity Risk Management 360: A Guide to a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Business Learn about cybersecurity risk and the best ways to manage it during this information-packed panel. The panel addresses the best practices around identifying, insuring and mitigating cyber risk for your business. Hosted by CAMI, the panel will be presented by Maryland-based…

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