Construction & Cyber Resiliency:
What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do

Domain5 experts, Wayne Schmidt and Christina Majernik, will join Matthew Esworthy, partner at Bowie & Jenson, LLC, and Sharon Sabala, Client Manager at RCM&D, in a conversation on construction and cyber resiliency hosted by the Maryland Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association. The discussion revolve around the evolution of cyber threat and it’s impact on the construction industry.

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Event Overview:

Each day, our world becomes more and more interconnected through increased apps usage on mobile devices and storing more of our data in “the cloud.” With all the resulting benefits and efficiencies come an increasing amount of Cyber related threats – loss of intellectual property, compromise of employee PII, insider threats and ransomware to name a few. As the construction industry leverages new technology to conduct business, it is not immune from these threats and the legal or financial impacts that result from a Cyber attack.

Event Details:

Thursday, March 1   
7:30 – 10:30 a.m.

555 Fairmount Ave

6th Floor

Towson, MD 21286