Where we excel

Domain5 ™ helps businesses in every industry sector. Our cybersecurity experts work with a wide range of organizations—from social media to education, not-for-profit, energy, computer hardware and software, and state and municipal government. Our unique expertise makes us a leader in cybersecurity assessment and program development in commercial real estate, financial and legal services and manufacturing.

Institutional Real Estate Owners and Operators

Operational risk for REITs is directly tied to the risks and vulnerabilities posed by their technology and systems. Cyber threats for REITs can be magnified by the type of data they collect and retain, where the properties are located, who the tenants are, as well as their reliance on third-party equipment, systems, and vendors. Domain5 has developed highly effective third-party risk assessments and cybersecurity programs specifically for REITs and their real estate portfolios. We help REITs protect their tenants by minimizing their cyber risk.

Financial Services

Financial investment companies, private equity firms, and banking institutions must comply with Security and Exchange Commission regulation to implement procedures and adopt written policies that address administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect their client data and records. Domain5 helps financial services firms ensure they are cyber risk compliant and audit-ready with tailored governance solutions for the protection of networks, third-party risk mitigation, remote client access, fund transfer, and unauthorized data access, loss or network activity.

Legal Services

Sensitive and proprietary data makes law firms prime targets for cyber attack, ransomware, and data exposure. Law firms involved in merger and acquisition activities—either representing the seller or the acquirer—are especially vulnerable to data loss and reputational damage. An accurate cyber risk assessment and detailed reporting of the firms’ corporate information security risk is a critical step to safeguarding privileged and protected client data and firm information. Domain5 helps law firms protect their clients and protect themselves from cyber incidents.


Manufacturers have very complex and precise cybersecurity concerns. Managing risks in your supply chain is only part of the problem. Legacy equipment and industrial systems or IoT devices that were built or configured with minimal or no security present major security and financial risks. Cybersecurity gaps often emerge as IT and operational technology converge. Incomplete or undocumented training procedures and access controls leave significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Domain5 works with manufacturers to secure their supply chain and optimize an efficient cybersecurity program.

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